Joe Radley

DG Driving School is fantastic value for money – not only is it one of the most reasonably priced driving schools in the local area, but it also has the highest first time pass rate of any instructor I know (even I passed first time!). However, don’t get me wrong, the cost most certainly doesn't compromise the experience; for Danny Greenyer’s expert tuition and years of experience on the road both as a driving instructor and as a general road user enables him to deliver a fine tuned package of lessons which promote road safety and effective driving, by drawing upon knowledge that can only be gained from teaching for well over 10 years. Not only were the lessons informative (enabling me to become the confident driver I am today), they were most importantly enjoyable! Danny is a truly calm, compassionate and fantastic instructor, with the patience of a saint and as I soon discovered is completely fearless (well he had to be with some of the risky moves I attempted to pull off in my first few lessons!), but above all his presence in the passenger seat is one of great reassurance and with his dual controls you can be sure he will bring you home safely in one piece! My weekly lesson with Danny was always a highlight of my week and he turned what could have been a potential chore into one of laughter and fun. I will always look back on my driving lessons with fond memories and it truly was an experience - I owe a lot to Danny Greenyer and his little white car.